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Apartments In Kolkata


New Kolkata - Sangam view 1

New Kolkata - Sangam 16.3 lacs

HIRA Reg. No : HIRA/P/HOO/2019/000635
Location : Hooghly / Serampore
Status : Current Project

Natura view 1

Natura 62.13 lacs

Hira Reg. No. : HIRA/P/KOL/2019/000442
Location : Kolkata / New Alipore
Status : Current Project

Natura has drawn its inspiration from mother Nature. Designed by International Landscapist, the flora of the land has been kept unharmed at the time of landscaping. New sapling are added alongside the old ones. Here the green grows free. And it doesn’t end here; Natura wraps the little conveniences of life green. The rain water harvesting confirms minimal wastage of water and in-house waste management helps lead an eco-friendly life. Even most of common areas light up utilizing solar energy.

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Godrej Se7en view 1

Godrej Se7en 36.20 lacs

Hira Reg. No. : HIRA/P/SOU/2019/000456
Location : Kolkata / Joka, On D.H.Road
Status : Current Project

HIRA Reg. No : Godrej Se7en Phase 1 - HIRA/P/SOU/2019/000456 | Godrej Se7en Phase 2 - HIRA/P/SOU/2019/000455

Godrej Joka – New Launch Project in Kolkata Godrej Joka is one of the most attractive residential developments from Godrej Properties in Kolkata where home buyers looking for dream abode would definitely want to buy a lavish apartment for their own. This upbeat project exudes the serene aura of splendor and style and it is located well in Joka, Diamond Harbor Road. It has all the elements of comfort and luxury and this complex is promised to give world-class lifestyle to the residents. The project consists of delightful blend of world-class apartments with delectable blend of 2 and 3 BHK flats.

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Sanjeeva Orchard View 1

Sanjeeva Orchard 76 lacs

Location : Kolkata / Rajarhat
Status : Current Project

As always, Vedic Realty is the first to give you something totally different. The first to give you the Sanjeeva Bungalow Estate, a gated Bungalow community and Sanjeeva Duplex with personal, customized gardens. Sanjeeva Orchard homes effectively amalgamate the sublimity of a green 'hanging garden' facade and the comfort of the exceptionally modern to create an idyllic space which could very well be the touchstone for contemporary, very affordable, urban Indian homes. And since 'green' can never be enough, the condominiums are anchored by a sprawling central park which compliments the 'botanical' look of the homes that overlook it.

Adding to the uniqueness of these homes is the superior finish, fixtures and detailing which make a home both inviting and intimate.

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