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Price List

  • 2 BHK (624 sq.ft.) flat starting from Rs.39 Lacs onwards.
  • 3 BHK (791 sq.ft.) flat starting from Rs.48.96 Lacs onwards
Note: Price includes Basic Flat cost + Extra Charges (Without Car park & GST).
  • Price per sq.ft is Rs.5888 (on Built-up area)
  • Floor escalation charges are Rs 33 per sq.ft. from 2nd floor onwards.
  • Preffered Location Charges : Rs.67.00 on B,C & H Type Apartment | Rs.100.00 on G & K Type Apartment | Rs.133.00 on A & F Type Apartment
  • Price for Open Puzzle Rs. 3,00,000.
  • Price for Basement Independen Rs.4,00,000.
  • Price for Covered Dependent Rs.4,00,000.
  • Price for Covered Independent Rs.4,50,000.
  • Car parking is optional.
  • Servant quarter, No.

N.B. - Buyers are advised to check the price before making any final decision

Process of Payment

Application / Booking Money : 10% + GST
Within 15 days from Execution of Agreement : 10% + GST
On Commencement of Pilling Work of respective Block : 10% + GST
On Completion of Basement    : 08% + GST
On Casting of 1st Floor Slab of respective Block : 08% + GST
On Casting of 5th Floor Slab of respective Block : 08% + GST
On Casting of 9th Floor Slab of respective Block  : 08% + GST
On Casting of Roof Slab of respective Block : 08% + GST
On Commencement of Brick Work of respective Block : 10% + GST
On commencement of flooring of respective apartment : 10% + GST
On Possession : 10% + GST

Extra Charges

  • Legal fees Rs. 10,000.00 + 18% GST + Rs. 750.00 on AFS Registration.
  • Legal fees Rs. 10,000.00 + 18% GST + Rs. 750.00 on Execution of Conveyance Deed.


  • Maintenance Deposit (for one year in advance)is Rs.56 per Sq.ft..
  • Sinking Fund is Rs.56 per Sq.ft..
Nomination Charges :
Nomination will be done after 12 months of Sale Agreement with nomination charges as applicable
Cancellation charges : After Signing of Agreement 10% of the apartment cost will be deducted.


  • GST applicable as per Government norms.
  • Within 15 days from the date of notice, the Registered of Agreement for Sale needs to be executed and shall pay necessary stamp duty & fees incidental for Registration of Agreement for Sale.
  • Payment shall be made within due date or interest as per WB HIRA.
  • All the mentioned Prices / Charges / Policies are subject to revision any moment w/o any prior information.
Bank Approval :  
Cheque to be in favor of : MERLIN PROJECTS LIMITED
Lock in Period : 1 year from the date of allotment

Why you should choose this property ?

  • Excellent communication with near by metro sation.

  • Premium residential complex with all AC apartments.

  • Extensive range of amenities with World Class features.

  • Attractive pricing & easy payment schedule.

  • Renowned Developer with proven track record of Quality Construction and timely delivery.

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