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GST Benefit

GST benefit

GST Credit Input discount : 7.5% discount over base rate. (Please note that this discount will be applicable only over the base rate not in car parking or plc or floor escalation).

Please find the GST Benefit as given below

Flat Type

Current rate
(Rs. per sq.ft)

Discounted rate
(Rs. per sq.ft)

GST benefit
(Rs. per sq.ft)

All Flats




Why you should choose this property ?

  • Panoramic view of 100 Acres Golf Course.

  • Strategically located & well connected.

  • Meticulously planned two/three sides open apartments with cross-ventilation and adequate daylight.

  • Green homes at the heart of the city – provides more fresh air and savings on energy & water consumption.

  • Proposed IGBC Gold Certified building.