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Project Highlights

Floor Plan

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Step 1: Tap on the highlighted block of your choice. (If a block is not highlighted, consider it sold or not in offer).
864 sq.ft. to 1190 sq.ft. G+5<br>
793 sq.ft. to 944 sq.ft. G+5<br>
829 sq.ft. to 1175 sq.ft. G+5<br>
829 sq.ft. to 1070 sq.ft. G+5<br>
831 sq.ft. to 1212 sq.ft. G+5 <br>
709 sq.ft. to 1070 sq.ft. G+5 <br>
709 sq.ft. to 1070 sq.ft.


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Site Visitor’s Rating

Prasenjit Guha Roy

Well designed with great amenities in an affordable price

Shantu Mukherjee

Bagaria project is a nutopia in the front of mm feeder road. Location is close to the daily avenues of access. Education and connectivity is close to the stations ports school and clinics.

Sangeeta Dutta Bera

Reputed developer, good location reasonable price and rapid working progress also satisfactory response from developer side.