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Project Highlights


Construction Images

Flora Fountain
3rd level clubhouse facade glass wip (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
3rd level podium landscaping wip (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Ac home theater (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
AC indoor games room (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
AC indoor gym (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
AC indoor kids zone (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
AC lounge space (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Bridal room (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Driveway, DG and Setting area beside waterbody work in progress (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Floral trellis wip (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Lap pool wip (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Library room view (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Main gates ready day view tower - 1 banquet hall wip (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Main gates ready night view (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Pools across 8000 sq.ft wip (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Tower-1 back side view from ground level (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Tower-2 from 3rd level podium (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
Tower-2 side view from ground level (07.10.21)
Flora Fountain
View from main gate (07.10.21)

Why you should choose this property ?

  • Located in the fastest growing CBD area of the city.

  • Tallest towers in the vicinity.

  • All the apartments are 3 to 4 side open.

  • State of art living with all the modern facilities and amenities.

  • 10.09 ft. ceiling height of every unit.


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Booked Customers


Site Visitor’s Rating

Joseph p ling

Mr.Om Prakash of NK Realtor was really a good salesman. He explained everything about the project clearly and well. The projects seems very good so we have bookeda flat

Patricia Carol Lee

Good customer service especially Mr Om Prakash who has been very helpful and co-operative. I wish NK Realtors had a on the spot office to issue receipts and other documents which would have saved time instead of repeated visits by customers.

MD Salamat Ali

Special thanks to om Prakash Ji.he is very helpful

Dr Monirul Hoque

I am very impressed with NK realator and specially thanks to OMPRAKASH BHAI.

Dr. Sharif Anwar Ahmed

Prime in location and beautiful plan, that make me interested to buy it

Sanjay Prasad gupta

This is a very nice project..I liked it because of d location and d facilities that it provided

Muzzafar Hasnaian

Amicable and Interesting

Farhana Ali

Great project love to be part of it. Very spacious and beautiful project.

Ravi Phillip Prasad

Good project which is fully loaded and located centrally

Shaikh Rofikul Islam

Nice property

Gauravjit Kaur

Well structured and very well made. A must buy place for family. Happy to buy a flat on this project.

MD Sajid

I am totally satisfied from this project And also satisfied from site office they are very honest and helpful.

Zishan Ahmad

Marvelous, it is in a good location with a brand name

Abdul Moiz

I really liked the atmosphere and the infrastructure of the place. The managers were very helpful and humble.

Syed Habibur Rahaman

Good connectivity from Airport and Central Kolkata, Amenities and Facilities is very good

Saifullah Mohammed

Very nice property close to my locality and in affordable prices.

Biswaranjan Manna

The project is centrally located, pollution free environment and environment friendly

Mohammed Bhai Tambawala

The location is the fastest growing areas, apartments are 3 side open with all modern amenities and facilities.

Mohammed Intezar

The location of the project is very good, the amenities and facilities of the project is very good.

Kashif Hasan

Location of the project is very good and it is very near to my office location.

Shabbir Imam

It is near by location with branded developer with all modern amenities and facilities

Sunita Gomes

For the nice location here with wonderful facilities and environment

MD Fariduddin

The best of amenities and facilities is in central Kolkata with end numbers of parking

Maria Khanam

Communication is good and enough open spaces for kids to play

Jawed Ejazul Haque

The project is very well planned. The amenities provided are excellent. Really looking forward to move into Flora Fountain soon.!

Krishna Charan Das

Over all project is very good with various types of amenities and facilities

Nihal Shah

Booked because of all amenities and also for the name of Alcove and PS Group

Sayyed Shahzad

Excellent project with all amenities and facilities